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The path travelled through creating and launching Pacific Composting Co has been one of the greatest and most rewarding joys of my life. And with the incredible help from some amazing people, this dream has become a reality.

From the beginning, I have been graced with incredible support from family, the farm family, friends and the community, who believed in me and the vision. I would like to thank them deeply as well as our social media partners and followers who are spreading the word about our presence and the launch. Your support means everything.

Andrea at the Pacific Composting farm

The idea for Pacific Composting was inspired by my studies to complete a Diploma in Organic Land Care with Gaia College in the hopes of making the land, that I am fortunate to be the proud custodian of, as biodiverse as possible. I was hooked from the first lesson and after completing an assignment to build a vermicomposting system, I realized that the path was set and I was determined to share this incredible process with my community. To further my studies about soil, I then completed the 4 foundation courses at Dr. Elaine Ingham's Soil Food Web School.

Red wiggler worms for composting

During those years, I also tested a LOT of different composting systems while building my worm farm to determine the best systems for a variety of conditions and applications. I volunteered at local schools and community events to educate students and adults about the magic of composting. Education is truly at the heart of what we do so if you ever have a question, please don't hesitate to reach out, that's what we're here for : )

Red wiggler composting worms for sale

Ongoing consulting with composting, worm and soil food web experts around North America has been instrumental and I thank each one of you deeply for the knowledge and your profound contributions. I am truly blessed to be working alongside another fellow Gaia College Diploma graduate, Layla - my right hand. Layla, this wouldn't be what it is without you. Your incredible ability to make things beautiful - on paper, on screen and in life is boundless and ever so appreciated.

Bumblebee on flower

Pacific Composting is on a mission to inspire people to take their waste and turn it into fertile compost that will create and sustain their gardens and green spaces. Taking what would otherwise be considered waste and transforming it into a highly valuable resource.

The team at Pacific Composting is honoured and excited to support your composting journey.

So, here we go - Pacific Composting Co has officially launched! 💥

Happy Composting : )

Love, Andrea & Team


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