Meet the PC Team

Pacific Composting is a small - but mighty - team of passionate individuals, united by a common purpose: to inspire people and communities to transform their wastes into resources that support soil health.

Long-term, we envision many thriving, food-secure Canadian communities that place a much greater emphasis on the establishment of a circular economy. Communities that can serve as a model for countless others here in Canada, and around the world.

Located on a magical 14 acre plot of land in the Cowichan Valley region of Vancouver Island, we’re truly at the heart of one of the most beautiful locations on earth, and that magic and beauty flows into everything we do.

We want to make composting more interesting, more accessible, and more fun for more people, and we have the systems, supplies and support to make it happen!


Andrea Blum - “Head Visionary”

Founder | You Name It, She Does It!

Andrea with Pacific Composting

Andrea comes from a background in the construction, transition and operation of International airports. She has turned her life's work from building airports to building soil!

After studying composting, soil and organic horticulture for many years, and consulting with experts from across North America, she founded Pacific Composting Co in July 2023.

Andrea’s passion for being a part of a natural solution to climate change drives her mission to inspire people to take their waste and turn it into nutrient-rich soil that will create and sustain their gardens and green spaces.

Her infectious, child-like enthusiasm, big dreams, and big love inspire her team daily.

Bentley Christie - “The Worm Guru

Content Creation & Marketing | Operations Consulting | Support

For close to 20 years, Bentley “Compost Guy” Christie has been educating people from across the country and around the globe about the topics of vermicomposting and vermiculture.

In his previous life, he worked for various private and government environmental agencies, and it was during this time that a chance encounter with a small worm bin under a co-worker’s desk completely changed his life.

Bentley is a remote PC team member - based in Southwestern Ontario, where he lives with his wife, two kids, two cats, and two million worms (last count) - but he always looks forward to his next trip to Vancouver Island!

We've been most grateful to have direct access to Bentley's expertise since well before PC's official launch, and continue to benefit from his regular guidance and creative contributions, as well as his kind, humble and humorous personality!

Layla Didmon - “Mission Control”

Social Media | Marketing | Graphic & Web Design | Administration

Layla with Pacific Composting

Layla brings 25+ years experience as a freelance graphic and web designer, and has worked with non-profit organizations, small and medium sized businesses, sports organizations, educational institutions, and professional consultants.

Layla met Andrea while working together for Gaia College and studying for her Diploma in Organic Land Care.

Born and raised on Vancouver Island, she is most at home in the forest, near the ocean, or in her garden, and is very interested in permaculture and growing her own food organically.

The world truly needs more “Layla”s, and we're incredibly lucky to have ours!

Amy Luck-MacGregor - “The Microbe Whisperer

Microbial Analysis | Composting & Farm Strategy

Amy with Pacific Composting

Born in Tasmania and a world-traveler at heart, Amy put down roots in the beautiful Cowichan Valley in 2009 to raise a family and a homestead.

Curiosity about what she was observing while growing food led her to switch from a career in Speech-Language Pathology (and the world of reductionist science) to the Soil Food Web School. Here she felt the pull of ecology and gained the qualifications needed to both quantify soil biology and appreciate the interconnectedness of living soil and its role as the basis for all healthy ecosystems.

She is now much happier in the realm of regenerative agriculture and feels incredibly fortunate to be part of the PC family. Just like the symphony of life in the soil, somehow things at PC always end up greater than the sum of their parts. 

Amy's great ideas and insights, combined with her remarkable ability to get to the heart of the matter and ask the tough questions (always in a kind and respectful manner), make her an invaluable member of the PC team!

To learn more about Amy and her Soil Food Web work check out Spring Hill Soil Laboratory. 

Dustin Matwick - “The Happy Farmer”

Farm Management | Day to Day Operations

Dustin Matwick is PC’s “jack of all trades, master of most of ‘em”. He comes from a diverse background in construction, live entertainment, and culinary arts. His eagerness and ability to tackle new challenges in our day to day operations is one of the things that makes him such a great asset to our team.

When he’s not on the farm, Dustin enjoys all board sports, fishing, renovating his home, and farming on his own small plot of land in beautiful Ladysmith where he lives with his beautiful fiance and three teenagers. 

Dustin brings a big smile, a big heart, and big ideas - sometimes even delicious food - to the table every day! 

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