Why Choose Pacific Composting?

Charlie goat at the Pacific Composting farm!

Here are 10 great reasons to consider us as your source for composting worms, systems, extracts, and supplies! 

  1. Find high quality, red wiggler worms that have been carefully and gently raised, harvested and packaged.

  2. Save money! Our prices are very competitive! 

  3. We have done the legwork for you! After years of testing various composting systems on the market, we offer a carefully curated selection of high quality composting systems and supplies that work. 

  4. Feel good that you are supporting the circular economy.

  5. Feel confident that, wherever possible, the materials used for packaging, marketing and bedding for the worms and products are sourced from sustainable products that can either be composted, reused or recycled.

  6. BC Proud! Support a local, organically managed farm and family owned business.

  7. Education is at the heart of what we do. We provide printed educational materials for products that we sell and supply printed composting guides as well. We create and post online educational content on our website and through our social media channels. We offer school programs and community demonstrations. Get in touch with us to book!

  8. Give back to the community! A percentage of profits will be donated to local non-profits.

  9. Rest assured that we have done our homework and the learning doesn't stop! We keep abreast of composting innovations through education and consulting with composting and soil food web experts from all over North America. 
  10. Are you wondering where or how to start? We are happy to answer ALL of your composting questions and help find a solution that is best for YOU. We are excited to support your composting journey. 

Enrich Your Soil Naturally

Turn your food waste food waste into fertile compost that creates and sustains healthy, vibrant gardens!

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