Here are some of the companies that we work closely with through either partnerships, utilizing their excellent services or companies that are graciously donating their wastes to our worm operation. We are most grateful to each of you for your contributions.

Canadian AgriChar

Canadian AgriChar

Canadian AgriChar is a Canadian based company located in British Columbia whose main focus is the manufacture and distribution of “Char+™ BioChar” for use in soil remediation and growth enhancement, “BioSoils™ organic soil mixes, “BioPellets™” organic fertilizer pellets and “LitterMate™” odor control pellets. Canadian AgriChar has provided an exclusive sales and distribution license to Argo Living Soils for its biochar-based products

Gaia College

Gaia CollegeEstablished in 2003, Gaia College offers a proven curriculum in Organic Land Care. People around the world have learned how to design, install and maintain landscapes to promote and preserve the health of the environment through Gaia College. 

Take single courses or work towards a diploma in Organic Land Care.


Majiks JUICE and Smoothies Bar

Majiks Juice and Smoothie Bar

Duncan, BC, based Majiks JUICE and Smoothies Bar are detox specialists! Their juices are delicious, healthy, and affordable. If you need a sweet treat, they also offer juice popsicles, Keto Ice Cream, ice cream cakes and more.

Also, Majiks Juice and Smoothie Bar hosts an ongoing bottle drive to raise funds to provide healthy food and water for street kids. Bottles can be dropped off at 5840 Clements Street in Duncan. BONUS: You will get a Free Smoothie Juice or 2 scoop Ice Cream for each drop off!

Our worms love the diversity of the fruit and vegetable pulp that Majiks donates to our worm farm!

Queen Margaret's School

QMSEmpower your child through an innovative curriculum and enhanced programs in academics, athletics, fine arts, equestrian training, and service, where every child feels safe, accepted, and respected.

Queen Margaret’s School is an independent Preschool to Grade 12 day and boarding school in the City of Duncan on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

We are fortunate to receive horse manure from their equestrian program which greatly benefits our worm farm!

Serena Haley Photography

Serena Haley Logo

Serena has a BFA in visual arts at UVic with a heavy focus in digital and film photography. Her work is heavily influenced by the nature of the island and local artists. Serena specializes in lifestyle photography and is accepting bookings for portraits and special events.

You may have seen some of Serena's work on our website as she is our official photographer!

Spring Hill Soil Lab

Spring Hill Soil LaboratorySpring Hill Soil Laboratory specializes in Soil Food Web Analysis to test the biology in your soil, compost and compost liquids (teas and extracts). A full Soil Food Web analysis includes a consultation to discuss how to meet your goals for your growing situation and budget, individualized written sampling instructions, a Microscopic Soil Food Web analysis and full report, and a follow up telephone call to help you interpret the results. 

We rely on Amy from Spring Hill Soil Lab to monitor the quality of our compost, extracts and soil on our farm.




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