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Coco Coir - 625g brick

Coco Coir - 625g brick

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Coco coir is an eco-friendly byproduct of the coconut industry that can work wonders as a sustainable bedding material for composting worms or as a substitution for peat moss and soil amendments for your plants.

Coco coir used as worm bedding also: 

  • helps to create an ideal burrowing habitat that offers air circulation and is neither too dry nor too damp. 
  • has a high water retention capacity,
  • is pH neutral,
  • is low-salt.
  • is homogeneous in texture.
Comes in a block measuring: 8" x 4" x 2".
You will also receive a printed Product Information Card detailing the description and uses of Coco Coir as a bedding material for worms as well as general bedding tips for your worm bin. 

If you're looking for a great worm bedding mix, we recommend going with a combination of 40% coco coir, 20% hemp tow, and 40% shredded cardboard.
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