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1+ Year Supply of Bokashi Bran (Bulk - 5 kg)

1+ Year Supply of Bokashi Bran (Bulk - 5 kg)

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This 11 lb (5 kg) bulk offering of Premium Bokashi Bran will typically last the average family about 18 months! 

Your bran is packaged in a paper bag providing a completely plastic free, sustainable option. Once you open this package please transfer the bran into an airtight container. Mason jars are great for storing your bran! 

Made with high quality bacterial cultures and double-fermented, this bran is teeming with live microbes primed to ferment your food scraps into nutrient-packed bokashi compost.

If you store your bran out of direct sunlight in an airtight container, within a few degrees of room temperature, it will remain fully active for 18 months. 

If you can’t use it all, this bulk offering of bokashi bran is perfect for sharing with friends and family. Add bokashi bran to your compost and vermicomposting bins, use it as a soil amender, or you can even add bokashi bran to cat litter boxes, animal cages or outhouses to reduce odours. Plus, it's our most eco-friendly option with minimal packaging.

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