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BioChar is a carbon-rich and charcoal-like substance produced through the process of pyrolysis, the burning of organic material in a low oxygen environment. It is both sterile and stable and is often crushed or ground to make a fine powder.

BioChar has a wide range of applications for soil, worm farms, carbon sequestration, water filtration, as a renewable fuel and more. BioChar is an excellent addition to your worm bin as a worm bedding amendment.

We proudly sell CHAR+TM BioChar which is created 100% from wood (including ash and moisture).

Please note this is unactivated BioChar. It is very important to only add activated BioChar to your soil. You can charge it in a worm bin or layered composting system, or steep it in a worm castings extract, compost tea or other suitable water-soluble soil amendment.

Activated BioChar is highly regarded as a valuable slow release soil amendment that has a wide range of benefits:

  • Has ability to increase exponentially the surface area available for microbial life
  • Has ability to house, store and supply nutrients, water and air
  • Has negative electric charge on surface that attracts and retains nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus and calcium, BioChar is like a protective habitat
  • Increases soil fertility and encourages microbial activity 
  • Increases water retention
  • Increase pH and mitigates some of the heavy metal toxicity in soil
  • Increases plant growth
  • Reduces fertilizer use
  • Used as a tool in carbon sequestration

You will also receive a printed Product Information Card detailing the description and uses of BioChar as a worm bedding amendment and as a soil amendment. 


Made in Canada!

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