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Hungry Bin Worm Composting System

Hungry Bin Worm Composting System

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A large system that boasts a 75.7 Liter (20 gallon) capacity with a footprint of 24" x 26". 

The Hungry bin is a great choice for both indoor and outdoor vermicomposting. Its unique design creates a perfect home for composting worms, who work hard to convert your organic waste into a high-quality soil amendment.

The composting worms are encouraged to move to the surface layer to access fresh food due to the bin's tapered shape that compresses the castings. The compressed castings (which can be easily accessed from a tray that can be unlatched) are largely free of worms and easier to handle. The liquid generated through the systems also drains freely from the bin into the tray provided below, making it simple for you to collect the liquid soil amendment that the bin produces. 

As this bin is on wheels, it is easy to move the composting system to suitable locations. 

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