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pH Buffer/Grit

pH Buffer/Grit

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pH buffer/grit is a most welcome and necessary addition to every worm farm to promote healthy and happy worms. It’s important to keep the pH levels in their environment between 6-7 and provide the necessary minerals and nutrients they require. If conditions in the bin become too acidic, the worms can get sick or even die. Worms thrive in a neutral to slightly acidic pH. 

pH buffer/grit formulations often consist of glacial rock dust and oyster shell flour. These two products together help in overall worm health in the following ways: 

  • provides essential minerals,
  • Neutralizes acidity
  • Increases pH
  • Improves airflow
  • Aids in gizzard health and biological reproduction 
  • The grit also aids in their digestion as worms don’t actually have teeth 
  • Provides a great source of calcium for the production of cocoons, and to neutralize the acidity of the foods they consume with the help of their calciferous gland. 

You will also receive a printed Product Information Card detailing the description and use of pH Buffer/Grit to help keep your worms happy and healthy as well as general worm bin health and maintenance tips. 


Made in Canada!

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