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Shredded cardboard

Shredded cardboard

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Shredded cardboard is a sustainable bedding option that is a great carbon addition to your worm bin!

Shredded cardboard: 

  • Is readily available,
  • Allows the air and gasses to move freely as it is a light and fluffy material,
  • Absorbs and retains moisture really well, it can be added to the bin to help dry out an overly wet habitat. 

The worms and microbes happily colonize the corrugations.

You will also receive a printed Product Information Card detailing the description and use of Shredded Cardboard as a worm bedding material as well as general worm bedding tips.  

If you're looking for a great worm bedding mix, we recommend going with a combination of 40% coco coir, 20% hemp tow, and 40% shredded cardboard.


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