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Urbalive In-Ground Worm Composter

Urbalive In-Ground Worm Composter

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Bring the power of Red Wigglers right to your garden with this innovative, in-ground vermicomposting system! This system harnesses the remarkable abilities of worms to decompose organic materials, creating a potent, nutrient-dense vermicast that enriches your soil health. You can add this worm farm into your existing garden, raised garden beds and greenhouses, to elevate your organic waste management to a new level of sustainability and effectiveness.

Available in terracotta, taupe, or green. 

Download the In-Ground Composter Set-Up Instructions (pdf file).

What is In-Ground Vermicomposting?

An integrated method that lets your plants directly access the products of the vermicomposting process. Instead of a worm bin that you harvest castings from, you set up a system in the soil that is easily accessible to plant roots.

Why In-Ground Vermicomposting?
  • Plants can tap valuable worm composting bi-products much more quickly and directly.
  • There are fewer hassles and frustrations than with a regular worm bin.
  • The earth provides great protection for the worms from weather extremes.

Why Can't I Just Add Composting Worms to My Garden?

Composting worms aren't regular soil worms, so your garden is not an ideal environment for them to live. They can survive - but we want them to thrive! Integrated, in-ground systems like the Plastia In-Ground Worm Composter offer the perfect way to enjoy the best of both worlds!

Set Up Your Garden Fleet For Best Results!

We encourage you to think of your In-Ground Worm Composters as all-natural, garden-fertility stations. Whether you decide to use more than one of these Plastia units, or you want to explore DIY options, having a collection of in-ground vermicomposting systems going at once can definitely offer plenty of benefits.

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