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Worm Hut

Worm Hut

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The Worm Hut is a 20"x 20" indoor flow through system with 4 cu. ft. of space for your worms! It's the perfect choice if you're experienced with vermicompost and want a system that's both breathable and easy to use.

With a full capacity operation, you can expect your worms to consume around 15lbs of household waste per month, weighing in at about 200lbs.

Once it gets going, The Worm Hut will produce a whopping 4 gallons of vermicompost every three to four months- no need for any trommeling or sifting. Just add the compost to your plants, soil, trees or shrubs, and watch them grow!

This system is perfect for a family of 4+, restaurants, schools, office buildings or anyone looking to gather a larger amount of vermicompost.

Want to build your own PVC stand?
It’s easy! First, purchase 8 PVC corner pieces and three 10-foot-long 3/4" schedule 40 PVC pipes. Cut four 36-inch pieces of pipe for the legs and eight 18-inch pieces for the top and bottom. Remember to secure the bottom connectors with PVC glue, because the stand can get pretty heavy when it's full. Have fun creating!

Or you could build a sturdier wooden stand!
You'll need 8 pieces of 21" long 1X4 wood lumber. Make 8 5/8" holes, placing them 3.75" from the bottom of the board and 2.50" from the 2X2 vertical support. To make harvesting easier, use 4 2x2 vertical supports measuring 42 - 45" long. Add 360 degree swivel wheels to move it around easily. 

Learn more about vermicomposting. 


Made in Canada!

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