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Urbalive Worm Farm

Urbalive Worm Farm

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The Urbalive Worm Farm, with a 42 Liter capacity (11 gallons), is a fantastic indoor vermicomposting kit that enables you to compost your kitchen's biodegradable waste with the help of red wiggler worms. It's an eco-friendly solution that can be used at home, in the classroom, or at the office. This high-quality, functional product was designed by the Czech's famous designer, Jiří Pelcl, and is manufactured by Plastia, a well-known European producer of gardening equipment.

Using the Urbalive Worm Farm for composting is super easy and odour-free. The worm farm comes with trays where the worms will transform food waste into worm castings, and a bin where you can collect liquid worm tea. The worm castings are loaded with natural growth hormones and potent enzymes that help your flowers and plants grow, while worm tea is an impressive liquid soil amendment that contains many rich nutrients and enzymes that help prevent plant pests.

This product has received the Red Dot design award, and it's no wonder why, it's simply beautiful. It even features FSC hardwood legs, which makes it sturdy and stable. The worm tea is easy to access, and the product is also suitable for outdoor use.

The product comes with:

  • easy to use, step by step instruction guide,
  • two trays,
  • a grille,
  • a beautiful garden trowel,
  • and a multifunctional measuring vessel.

You'll need to buy worms and bedding separately to start using this product, and once you do, you'll be on your way to a more sustainable lifestyle!

More trays can be added as needed.

See: Setting Up and Managing Your Urbalive for Worm Composting Success!

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